FLC Online Worship 5-17-20

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The Sixth Sunday of Easter (Year A)

Scripture: (click to read)
Acts 17:22-31 • Psalm 66:8-20 • 1 Peter 3:13-22 • John 14:15-21

At Pastor Erik’s House, Ryan Brown’s Car, Shaws’ House, and other North Snohomish County Locations
Sermon: “Just an Empty Cup” Mission Developer Ryan Brown

This service includes a “Ritual for a Holy, Communal Meal” which you can print off to follow along by clicking here. You will want to have bread and wine/juice to share with your family during a meal today to practice this ritual at home. The training/instruction video of the ritual is also below. If you would like to make the kind of bread we use for communion at Freeborn, the recipe is here.

Zoom Coffee Hour at 11:30am. Wear your favorite sweater or clothing that comes from your heritage. Click here to login.

Questions for discussion and Reflection:

What are the sacred objects of your family? What stories do they carry?

What is something you have let go of and in the process discovered a deeper meaning or a deeper relationship?

How have other people in your life revealed God to you?

How have you seen God in ordinary moments or through ordinary things?

How might God be calling you to show Christ to others? 

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