FLC Online Worship–April 5th, 2020

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Palm Sunday (Year A)
(to join us on Sunday for Online Coffee Hour at 11:30am click here)

Scripture: (click here to read)
Psalm 39:9-16, Matthew 21:1-11

At Pastor Erik’s House, the Stillaguamish River, and other North Snohomish County Locations (and Minnesota)
Sermon: “Going with the Flow
Ryan Brown, Mission Developer, Faith Lutheran Church

You will want to find a branch to substitute for a palm branch before you start the video. Also, after worship, why not display your “palms” on your front door?

4 thoughts on “FLC Online Worship–April 5th, 2020

  1. Ty all for today’s service
    Love the “palms”
    I need to go sit by a river!
    I miss all my Freeborn peeps

  2. i’m guessing that we are all learning great lessons about the value of community during this time of isolation.
    thank you for helping create a virtual community centered around worship!

  3. It is wonderful to have these sermons available to all of us.
    Thank you to the community of believers of these two churches.
    That’s real teamwork!
    Now I am ready for Holy Week.
    Love in Christ.

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